Part of You

You’ve paid the price of living with a love that has gone stale

And you’ve been to the depths of a dozen dark wells

And the thread that you’ve been walking on has become so fragile

So don’t tell yourself that hurtin is a game you play with style.
You have two beautiful daughters who love you with all they got

And the ropes that have been binding you are startin to unknot

You can’t lose all the happiness you are holding in your heart

Cause you have a friend who loves you and prays for you a lot.

He wants to give you what he can, he loves you more than you know

And he sees the beauty in you that he sees in every rose

So if you need a man around and every woman does

Open up yourself to him and watch your flower grow.
I am that friend who wrote these words who loves you like the sun

Let me be a part of you until our time has come.


YOU. From an Ancient Time

Your smile is the sun touching the Rockies

Your hair is the golden hawk flying free

Your breasts burn into my soul when I touch them

And I’ll think of you often and hope you are free.


But life goes on as far as the sea in my dreams

And that is a far road that I will someday travel

And oh how sweet it would be

If you were there beside me.

You came from the other side of love

I did not know it well at first

We gave freely to each other

Until one hurting heart was left.

You say you are going through a separation

From a long twelve years of marriage

But in your heart he is the only man who matters

And I’m standing outside your door looking in.


I want you as long as a river runs

You are the centre of my sun

I felt so free from pain beside you

And the night passed so quickly

I hardly knew it had begun.

© Peter B. Armstrong