Sooner or Later 

I say goodnight , 

It’s time to catch my sleep .

In the between time 

I’ve been there , here and 

Everywhere else 

On my mind journeys 

Across the inclines of my mind .

From a Hawaiian prophetic preacher 

To Eric Bogle , to , 

The Toronto Fellowship ; 

The CHS singing Dylan 

And other  parts in between .

Why ?

There is always a connection to the past 

No matter how hard

I try to stay in the present .

A long time ago ,

Jesus gave to me 

My sins 

Freedom in forgiveness .

Now I can go where

I no longer feel any pain .

For me , music is my 

Connection to my soul .

Jesus always knew 

It would be 

Amazing Grace .

Peter Armstrong 


A Rare Time .

Tonight was one of those times 

For Jude and I . 

Out of the deepest blue; 

Let me buy you dinner tonight ; 

Around sixish

Just name the place .

Sometimes I wondered was he just a figment of my 

Imagination .

Not . 

Tonight was a real time and space event .

To sit down and have a languid sense of time 

Across from my brother for a whole two hours 

Is a rare treat indeed for Jude and I . 

I want to hold onto , tonight 

For all of its worth .

And it was worth a 

Basket of memories ,



A sense of grandeur 

And somewhere 

In the mix 

We even said the word 

Church .

His and mine .

Brothers are forever .

Peter .

Jude is always my Judy .


If Your Looking For Harmony

She left more than a couple of decades ago ; 

When things got rough , 

On the Homefront , and 

Walk away homes were going 

For a steal .

Flashbacks always have a way of 

Catching up to today 

Across my beautiful Alberta . 

We are living on  barren , over regulated ground , 

We just don’t know it yet .

Across every part of 

Our beautiful landscaped 

Alberta ; 

Harmony is leaving again

And our 

Spirit and God 

Are all we have left .

Peter Armstrong 


Chaotic Christmas 

I’m wondering when your nefarious minds began 

To plot  your draconian drones to invade 

The air space over Gatwick ; 

And it’s Christmas time too ? 

Was it on a bright sunny day in July 

And you just got laid off ? 

Was it over pent up hatred for 

The celebration of 

Jesus’ birth ?

Was it just a psychotic drug induced stunt 

From bent out of shape 


In a stoned out living room ? 

Thank you 

From around the world for 


Chaos you have 

Caused upon the 

Hundred thousand innocent


Who just wanted to be anywhere else 

Than under , 

Gatwick Air Security 

Control . 

Peter Armstrong 


Tonight ,  Its Only Myself 

Believing my father and I 


Speaking our words of faith to each other 

Across our generational beliefs . 

Did he speak his mind of caution 

To my siblings ? 

I think not .

Why ? 

The Holy Spirit 


Why . 

I knew my Christian heritage 

Like I knew the memorized liturgy 

In my mind 


The moment the newly built  parish church 

Was born to serve

The congregants .

I was barely a lad then . 

I loved my Anglicanism .

My parents loved it too .

As a rebellious lost soul 

I sought 

Escape from His conviction .

He always drew me back

To my parish church , 

Every Sunday night 


Evensong .

I loved finding His solace  in , 

Evensong .

Much later still , 

Carrying the Liturgy 

With me in my 

Predestined desert journey  , 

I surrendered my soul to Jesus 

On a Saturday afternoon in March .

Salvation was instantaneous .

Floating in the air of 

Forgiveness I was . 

I had received the 

Indwelling , 

Power of the 

Holy Spirit .

After sharing with my 

Father , 

He said , 

Just be careful ; 

Do not believe in


That is  not in the 

Bible .

Acts : 2 

Saw to that .

Peter Armstrong 


The Seven O ‘Clock Twist ! 

Curve balls fly across at 

Amazing speed ; 

So does the reading 

Of her blood pressure cuff .

It’s way high , 

As she does it again .

Yup , we two agree ; 

Go to our family

LPN ; 

Right , quickly .

Why wait 

Go see the 

Walk in Doc .

 ‘ Hey , you know  what ? 

Let’s send you down the road ; 

To the Rocky View Hospital to the 

Emergency intake .’ 

We both are caught up in the swell 

Seeking answers .

To hell with food and comfort ; 

Let’s just see this through .

Rocky View Hospital 


R V H 

Gave us no grief .

Time and tests run up hill together .

Let’s just say after many intermissions 

Between tests and blood taking and 


We got home 

After the late night news .

No negatives 

But the big 



How come the 

Wobbly spells 

These last few 

Days ? 

Mine are over with .

I refuse to believe 

Jude’s are only 

Beginning .

Peter Armstrong