A Rare Time .

Tonight was one of those times 

For Jude and I . 

Out of the deepest blue; 

Let me buy you dinner tonight ; 

Around sixish

Just name the place .

Sometimes I wondered was he just a figment of my 

Imagination .

Not . 

Tonight was a real time and space event .

To sit down and have a languid sense of time 

Across from my brother for a whole two hours 

Is a rare treat indeed for Jude and I . 

I want to hold onto , tonight 

For all of its worth .

And it was worth a 

Basket of memories ,



A sense of grandeur 

And somewhere 

In the mix 

We even said the word 

Church .

His and mine .

Brothers are forever .

Peter .

Jude is always my Judy .


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