Tonight ,  Its Only Myself 

Believing my father and I 


Speaking our words of faith to each other 

Across our generational beliefs . 

Did he speak his mind of caution 

To my siblings ? 

I think not .

Why ? 

The Holy Spirit 


Why . 

I knew my Christian heritage 

Like I knew the memorized liturgy 

In my mind 


The moment the newly built  parish church 

Was born to serve

The congregants .

I was barely a lad then . 

I loved my Anglicanism .

My parents loved it too .

As a rebellious lost soul 

I sought 

Escape from His conviction .

He always drew me back

To my parish church , 

Every Sunday night 


Evensong .

I loved finding His solace  in , 

Evensong .

Much later still , 

Carrying the Liturgy 

With me in my 

Predestined desert journey  , 

I surrendered my soul to Jesus 

On a Saturday afternoon in March .

Salvation was instantaneous .

Floating in the air of 

Forgiveness I was . 

I had received the 

Indwelling , 

Power of the 

Holy Spirit .

After sharing with my 

Father , 

He said , 

Just be careful ; 

Do not believe in


That is  not in the 

Bible .

Acts : 2 

Saw to that .

Peter Armstrong 


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