We both held today 

As a special day with a sister .

She always gives more than we can ever 

Offer in return .

That is why we call on her 

To bring into our lives 

Relevance and honesty and uplifting .

We would never acknowledge our 

Nefarious subterfuge 

But we hold no bounds upon 

Her goodness in return .

I slumbered in the curled up 

Folds of my first sheet .

Jude and Bean both had theirs ; 

One in a lay down swing 

The other watering down an old chaise lounge 

Amidst our beautiful festooned field of dandelions .

I think they give the Mighty Lion a very bad name . 

Bean and Jude are twins in a triplet setting .

Figure that one out .

I am a very blessed husband , father and part of a larger family .

Jude was stuck in limbo over her quilting domain .

She needed freedom and Bean 

Came along for the ride today .

Who says nothing is preordained ?

My fulfillment is in being with two loving sisters . 

I hold onto today knowing full well 

 Abba is 

In my life .

Peter Armstrong 


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