A Hundred Steps or a Hundred Miles 

Where does distance begin and end in memories ?

I walked into far distances in my mind 

And when daylight came they were all left behind .

Is that their rightful place or am I

Just pretending they don’t matter anymore ?

Walking in the green grass of a crop that 

Has already failed without rain . 

I could replay thousands of scenarios 

In high tec logarithmic war games 

In my mind just like you .

Life would never slow down for no man ,  

In unreality until his or her final breath was blown to smithereens 

On the high and wide screen .

What carries us into the next day ?

What doesn’t allow us to see the sunrise ?

I walked in peace and always believed in peace .

Not for me only but for my family .

In other words if I pray for peace for my 

Family , that peace is also prayed 

Across this fallen earth .

This was my daily routine .

Whether in my job , or in my life , if I 

Walked a hundred steps or a hundred miles 

Did I not have the right to still take a breath as 

I approached the door to my 

Home and only abode ? 

You stole from me , everything , and from everyone in 

Those left behind . 

The reasons are many and the reasons are few

When I went down hard without a clue .

The wrong address by someone never taught to spell .

The wrong thinking brain , mashed into mush 

By a lifetime of drugs .

So now I am here just outside my own front door 

Not able to take a single step 

In  my dream of walking 

Thousands of steps or more .

Peter Armstrong 

Just another day anywhere .


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