Searching For Approval .

Are we not all , to some degree , wanting to feel approved ?

It could be after open heart surgery and your patient survived .

It could be the student given an honest grade for hard work .

It could be a child looking for recognition 

When laces were tied into big knots .

It could be from a wife saying silently 

I still love you my husband ,

Don’t ever disbelieve that I don’t . 

You see , approval is a trait of mankind 

That goes back to the Garden .

The desire for approval is a desire of mankind , 

And mankind ‘s relationship to the Creator is that 

God will reward Mankind for good works done .

Such was the guilt so strong in 

Adam and Eve , 

That mankind’s eternal approval 

Is based on rewards for servitude .

Striving for approval is inconsequential to God’s 

Plan .

Approval is only found in a repentant heart .

Salvation is only found in a repentant heart , 

Accepting Jesus is Lord 

Into your life , 

And renouncing satan and all his holds 

On your life .

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son ,  Jesus 

That whosoever believeth in Him shall never perish 

But have eternal life .

Do not search for God . 

Instead open your heart and invite Him in .

Your days of seeking approval are over .

You will know the power of God’s love 

Upon your life .

His love is unconditional .

No attachments and no approval needed .

Amen .

Peter Armstrong 


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