Daylight Is Not Far Away 

He lived between light and dark and amongst 

All the skin shades known to man . 

You could say he lived because he was kinda like 

Everyman among humanity .

Part Native  , part Irish , part Scottish and part 

Asian . There was a hint of Mid East too . 

And definitely a bit of Italiano .

So in all those homes and many others he resided in , 

He awoke , worked , conversed , partied and  went to sleep .

He did it all again the next day and the next and the day after that . 

Somewhere , daylight is not far away .

Light and a sunrise across a mountain sky . 

Or across the ocean with waves washing the sand . 

Or across a dryland crying for rain , 

Or in the skyscraper , talking deals , 

In cyberspace where time zones mean nothing 

To anyman drinking something 

Knowing that daylight is not far away .

Peter Armstrong 

Hours mean nothing to the deal makers . 

Nor does time mean anything to all lovers intertwined 

In hearts and mind . 

2 thoughts on “Daylight Is Not Far Away 

    • Hi Rolly . Hope your back is not grieving you any . Thank you as always for your comments .
      Thank you for considering to reblog some of my posts . Blessings Peter

      Just as an aside . I thought One More Mountain would be a hit . Was I ever wrong .4 views 4 thumbs down lol .
      There must be a truth hidden in the mind of writers that needs to see the light of day .Blessing Peter


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